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Dr. Bill Nie

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PhD in Physics and Senior Mechanical Engineering, Chairman and CTO of FATRI, Former Technical leader of Meggitt Sensor & Control Company, Expertise in the R&D of chips and sensors. Achieved more than 202 patents (including 18 international invention patents).

Selected to lead the Ministry of Science and Technology Program, the first national plan, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology experts database members.

With his long-term research and development of chips and sensor products, be good at the research and development of testing and calibration systems for high temperature acceleration sensor, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, IMU, lidar, quantum sensors and other sensors. He took the lead in putting forward the theory of compensating temperature drift by using multi-layer composite high-temperature layered materials through thermal curve coupling internationally, thus making the temperature drift of high-temperature sensors from 18% to 1.5%.

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MEMS Tactile sensor

As the basic technology of enabling virtual reality, sensor technology is very important. At present, virtual reality technology includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones, magnetic sensors and so on. These technologies make the virtual reality technology more integrated with the real world. However, in order to get a better experience, light vision is not enough. Virtual touch will push the virtual reality technology to a new experience! This new experience will enable humans to touch objects in the virtual world, even more truly than the real world. This speech will include corresponding sensors and signal processing technologies.

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FATRI United Testing & Control (Quanzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd.

FATRI is an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) with comprehensive capabilities in chip and sensor material synthesis, chip design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing. It is dedicated to the control and monitoring of civil aviation, energy, health care, transportation, and industrial equipment, capable of creating the systematic solutions that integrate end-edge-carrier-cloud-application.

FATRI has always based its development on core sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including advanced material technologies, chip technologies, sensor technologies, and AI algorithm technologies. The continuous and substantial investment in these fields makes it possible for the Company to obtain hundreds of new patents each year. Having passed ISO9001/AS9100D quality management system, the ISO14001 environmental management system, and the ISO45001 occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, FATRI sets up its design, production, system integration, sales, and service capabilities. It therefore gears up for providing customers with the high-reliability and high-performance products and services in a wide range of fields, which include civil aviation, marine shipping, petroleum and petrochemicals, wind power generation, industrial intelligence, rail transportation, health care, and general test. By doing so, it escorts more enterprises through the transition from the information age into the era of intelligence.

FATRI Lab, established in 2015, has four branches in Xiamen, Beijing, Xi’an, and Shenzhen. The Lab has gathered a large number of scientific research personnel engaged in the fields of material science, theoretical physics, microelectronics, control theory, and signal processing and system analysis, among others. Relying on the cutting-edge facilities and equipment available in the Lab, these research fellows focus their study on a host of areas such as micro-nano technologies, molecular biology technologies, new sensing technologies, AI technologies, and modern instrumentation.

Our goal is to develop and manufacture the core technologies, products and services to improve human health, environment and safety with a reverence for life. FATRI would like to make progress together with our partners from all over the world!

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