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Dr. Guo Cheng graduated with a doctoral degree from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and worked at Philips Research Institute and led the establishment of the State Laboratory of Joint Innovation in Semiconductor with light emissions. Dr. Guo is also recognized as Beijing Specially Appointed Expert, National Science and Technology High-Tech Evaluation Expert of Ministry of Science and Technology, expert representative for China at the International Electrotechnical Commission of optical communication. He was also chosen as one of China’s 100 Most Creative People in Businesses in 2014 and China’s Leading Figures in Metaverse in 2021.

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Five senses: the proper way to enter metaverse

In 2019, STEPVR launched free-roam VR arena brand, Future Battle and has opened over 200 stores and became the most consumer-friendly VR brand in China. In May 2022, STEPVR launched the world’s first portal to the metaverse, GATES01. STEPVR uses its self-developed omnidirectional treadmill technology with the integration of algorithmic calculations to enable instant running and stopping. GATES01 is equipped with pancake lenses VR headset weighted only 150 grams and a haptic feedback vest, and restores user’s five senses in virtual world, allowing user to experience and run limitlessly within a space of 2.5 square meters. GATES01 is the portal to Oasis, allowing everyone to effortlessly enter metaverse just like Ready Player One.

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STEPVR was founded in July 2013 and is the earliest innovative technology company in China committed to VR related research and development. With the mission of achieving 100% immersive experience in the metaverse, the company focuses on the development of technology engines and operating systems for the next generation of computing platform. STEPVR has developed into a leading company in the metaverse industry worldwide and is also the first group companies in China to join the Metaverse Standards Forum.

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