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Dr. Guowei Cao

  • United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC)
  • Engineer
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He is mainly engaged in the field of silicon photonics process design kit (PDK) and design automation (EPDA) research. He led the team to successfully develop CUMEC’s silicon photonics PDK (CSiP180A/CSiP130C), which has been used by more than 200 users and supported more than 160 designs. In 2016, he formed SPP team as the main leader to provide “one-stop” silicon photonics integration solutions and has completed more than 200 designs and over 100 packaging services.

  • Presentation

CUMEC has built its own silicon photonics (Si-Ph) platform and has released two sets of PDKs, CSiP180A and CSiP130C, which take the process platform as an entry point to plan a complete Si-Ph design, fabrication and packaging platform, providing a “one-stop” integration solution for researchers. This presentation will focus on CUMEC’s Si-Ph pilot line capabilities and progress, as well as the design automation environment built around the process capabilities. The team has developed core functional modules to support the implementation of the schematic-driven (SDL) design flow, providing the foundation for large-scale silicon photonics chip design.

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United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC)

United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC) was a collaborative innovation platform of microelectronics technology strongly supported by Chongqing government, incorporated in October, 2018 .It is committed to solve the need of independent high-end development of the national microelectronics industry and its future industry, taking the technical route of More than Moore’s , to build a high-end featured photoelectric integration process platform integrating processes, technologies and products including silicon photonics, heterogeneous 3D integration, etc.

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