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Kevin Song, PhD. in optics, CTO of Lochn optics Ltd. He has been working in AR optics of 10 years, and now he is engaged in micro/nano photonics design and manufacture, optical system design of AR wave-guide display in Lochn Optics Ltd. He has ever participated several EU research programs. In scientific research he has published about 30 papers in authoritative optical journals, and more than 50 Chinese patents.

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LBS-based 2D Waveguide Technology

1.Summary of AR Optics

2.LBS design Principle

3.2D Waveguide (Array 、Reflective)

4.The coupling of LBS and 2D Waveguide

5 Future expectation of this Technology

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Lochn Optics

Shenzhen Lochn Optics Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2014 is a national high-tech enterprise, leading provider of AR optical modules. Our major products are reflective waveguide and diffractive waveguide optical modules, which are core components of the next generation of intelligent information technology terminals (such as AR glasses and helmets).

The company is dedicated to building a first-class enterprise, achieving excellence with high-caliber professionals and establishing a benchmark for the industry, to serve customers, achieve value and promote the development of the industry.

Company Website: www.lochn.com

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