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Dr. Wei Wang

  • Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI)
  • Director of Silicon Photonics
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Dr. Wang Wei, a high-level talent in Shanghai, is the director of Silicon Photonics Department in Shanghai Industrial UTechnology Research Institute (SITRI), and a member of the general expert group of optoelectronic information of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is mainly engaged in the development of key processes and devices for silicon-based opto-electronic integrated circuit, led the construction of the silicon photonics platform in SITRI, led the platform’s tape-out services. He published more than 80 papers in international conferences and journals in this field. More than 40 national invention patents related to processes and devices have been submitted, and more than 20 have been authorized.

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Introduction of Silicon photonics platform in SITRI

The next generation information technology, including big data, cloud computing, internet of things, mobile terminal, receives unprecedented market opportunities. As the key supporting technology, the integrated photonics becomes more and more important and indispensability. Silicon photonics technology utilizes mature CMOS technology and platform, and brings the advantages of integration between photonic and microelectronic devices in more than Moore era. Although an increasing number of Chinese research groups are delving into this area, the lack of silicon photonic technology platform restricts the development of silicon photonics technology in China. An advanced and flexible silicon photonic platform is demanded urgently. This report will introduce the recent progress and future planning of the silicon photonics platform in SITRI.

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Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI)

Founded in 2013, SITRI is a new kind of international innovation center, focused on globally accelerating the innovation and commercialization of “More than Moore” (MtM) technologies. We provide pivotal services especially for startups to speed up the time from concept to commercialization. We help to cut down the cost and we are the bridge from your lab to volume production. SITRI has expertise drawn from across the industry in key technology areas, resources, and industry related services with a global network of SITRI offices and talent. This is augmented by SITRI’s extensive partnerships and industry associations across the university, research, supply chain, and OEM sectors, and acts as the hub for efficient global development of the IoT and MtM markets.

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