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Dr. Yuan Lu, manager technical marketing management at Evatec China. He participated in the project of BAW device research and development between Evatec and global RF-filter top companies. Besides, he was doing of the strategic marketing of MEMS state-owned company, including filter, IMU, temperature and gas MEMS project cooperation and investment. Currently his team is focusing on the solution and strategic marketing of business unit semiconductor, optoelectronics, photonics in Evatec China.

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EVATEC – Thin Film Production Solutions for HeterogeneousIntegration

Heterogeneous Integration requires knowledge in functional layers within the dies, along with expertise in Advanced Packaging. Whereas the first part is genuinely core competence of Evatec for piezoelectric sensing or actuating elements, we also have a strong footprint in the AP court. The interdisciplinary approach is of the essence there, for instance in heat dissipation, magnetic shielding, or stress compensation. Mastering the 3rd dimension is also common for both MEMS and AP,  where TSVs are elementary.

A variety of deposition technologies such as PVD, PECVD and PEALD on specific tool concepts (batch, single wafer or inline) enables the realization of interesting combinations. This is where Photonics, Optoelectronics, Semiconductors and Advanced Packaging come together – forming today’s MEMS devices.

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Evatec AG

Evatec is your partner in thin film deposition platforms and processes across Advanced Packaging, Semiconductor, Optoelectronics and Photonics. Choose from “batch”, “cluster” and “inline” production solutions according to your process, throughput and fab integration requirements using systems capable of handling substrates up to 600x600mm. Within classical MEMS applications our process know how supports the deposition of Piezoelectrics, Magnetics and Photoresistors enabling a new generation of high performance devices whilst complimentary know how in deposition of stress compensation, heat dissipation barrier and other functional layers supports the increasing demand for heterogeneous integration of different functionalities in a chip.

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