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Haiying Duanmu

  • Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association
  • Deputy Secretary General of MIA / Director of VAIA special committee
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Haiying Duanmu is the Deputy Secretary General of MIA / Director of VAIA special committee. She is the master of software engineering from Fudan University, Bachelor of marketing from Renmin University of China, expert of metaverse industrial chain and Metaverse & XR solution industrialization. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and technology in computer and communication related industries, she has successively served as the operation director of Shanghai Internet of things industry association, Secretary General of VRAR special committee and technical expert of the world’s top 500 for several years.

Comb and investigate hundreds of Metaverse & XR industrial chain enterprises, cooperate with relevant departments to promote Metaverse & XR industrialization, and organize more than 100 activities of industry, University, research, application and investment.

She has keen insight and unique opinions on the trend of Metaverse & XR industry, and has efficient execution and team organization. She is good at integrating multiple resources, building and operating an industry platform, promoting the implementation of industrialization, and has spared no effort to promote the implementation of Metaverse & XR industry for a long time.

The main achievements are as follows:

  • Take the lead in establishing the joint meeting of XR industry organizations in the Yangtze River Delta. The member units include Beijing, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Tianjin, Tibet, Hangzhou, Harbin, Changchun, Zhangjiang and other provincial and regional XR industry organizations;
  • Led the first VR content industry competition in the Yangtze River Delta, and won the first joint written support from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui government as early as 2018;
  • Presided over the preparation of research on the current situation and development of extended reality in Shanghai (2020);
  • Planning and producing the 1st official organization to produce metaverse and XR hot spot sharing column “metaverse full-link” in the whole network, with a total of more than 400 audios & videos;
  • Take the lead in organizing the world’s first large-scale centralized exhibition of metaverse products and Solutions – 2022 metaverse Expo, chinavr2020 “online economy + VR” forum, the first extended reality XR industry ecological Summit Forum, · chinavr2021 “digital economy + virtual reality” forum, 2022 extended reality future application exhibition and other large-scale activities;
  • Led the research and preparation of the first group standard combining optics and physiology in China – “test and evaluation methods for the impact of extended reality equipment on visual health”. The core team includes two national ophthalmic centers and laboratories, world-class third-party testing institutions and standardization research institutions. The participating units include 17 domestic well-known XR glasses brands and optical module manufacturers, clearing the obstacles for the popularization of XR glasses industrialization;
  • Led the preparation of the world’s first white paper on cost-reduction and efficiency-enhancement of metaverse technology – expanded reality (XR) application scenario volume, and verified the application value of metaverse and XR technology by means of quantitative analysis for the first time with 25 detailed cases from 18 units.

  • Presentation
What can Metaverse do in China & the 4-year action plan of the Shanghai Metaverse

  1. Metaverse plan under the Chinese characteristics: three things can do ,three things can not do;
  2. Mainstream solutions and trends in the international Metaverse;
  3. Typical scenes and cases of the existing Metaverse in China
  4. Scenes trends of future Metaverse in China
  5. Brief analysis of the four-year action plan of Shanghai Metaverse

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Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association

Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association (MIA), established in May 2003, is one of the first twelve new Industry associations established in Shanghai after China’s accession to WTO. Shanghai’s DIGITAL media industry mainly includes digital animation, online games, digital audio, digital publishing, digital learning and digital display. In 2018, the output value reached more than 150 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25% in the past four years. The number of enterprises in the city increased to more than 15,000, with an increase of nearly 2,000, becoming a highlight industry in Shanghai’s economic transformation.

As a professional organization in the industry, MIA is a non-profit-making social organization voluntarily participated and organized by enterprises, institutions and individuals of various forms of ownership engaged in multimedia production, manufacturing, research and related business fields in Shanghai. MIA currently has hundreds of group members, covering animation, game, exhibition, digital learning and related digital media backbone enterprises in Shanghai and even the whole country; MIA is also a member of International Federation of Multimedia Associations (FIAM), and has attracted more than a dozen foreign corporate members. At present, MIA has established contact with multimedia industry associations in more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France, Australia, South Korea, Japan and so on, and has a wide range of international communication channels.

MIA adheres to the concept of “serving members, serving industry and serving government”, and has done a lot of fruitful work in promoting and promoting industry, serving and supporting members, personnel training and recommendation, international cooperation and exchange, etc. From 2016 to 2020, nearly 133 industry publicity and promotion activities have been held, and the number of participating enterprises has reached more than 3,000; Received 21 foreign delegations, organize and participate 25 international activities, mainly with the Canadian consulate, Israel consulate and the British consulate, Australian consulate, the international union of multimedia, the south Korean trade development at the consulate of revitalization of the club, Japan association of digital content, maintain long-term friendly exchanges association organization, set up the influence in the field of international multimedia; At the same time, we assisted the government in industrial statistics, public service platform construction, industrial alliance construction, white paper writing and other industrial promotion work. Four years, under the guidance of the government, under the leadership of the council, with the support of our members, through association staff efforts, to further build up a enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and government, domestic and foreign communication platform, better play to the association as a service organization should assume.
Mia has more than 480 corporate members, mainly providing services such as market intermediary, professional skills training, intellectual property application, government project application, professional qualification application, corporate image packaging, and international cooperation. Mia’s main businesses include: policy declaration, education and training, intellectual property, international cooperation, etc. Our clients mainly come from well-known technology companies in the field of metaverse and extended reality.

MIA has a team of high-quality enterprise talents, mostly young and vigorous. Under the guidance of scientific NGO philosophy, MIA has formed an elite team with excellent team spirit, vitality and strong execution ability. MIA is taking Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta as the center, gradually developing and consolidating the domestic market, and constantly connecting with the international market, shaping the association brand image of “personal science and technology consulting”, striving to create a leading social group brand of science and technology consulting in China.

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