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25 years semiconductor industry work experience and has worked in MOTOROLA, StatsChippac, JECT, GTK … Familiar with IC semiconductor, MEMS sensor engineering manufacturing and operation management. Lead a number of semiconductor, sensor, automotive electronics products overseas NPI, set up the entire manufacturing system and engineering certification system. Currently, Working in GoerTek Microelectronics Inc. leads the certification of new sensors and SIP modules, application promotion, business opportunities development and NPI line bring up.

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MEMS Sensors Boost The Sound Development Of The “Metaverse”

The metaverse is a parallel world that is both closely connected and highly independent of the real world. VR/AR as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds is the user’s entrance into the metaverse. GoerTek is committed to the development of VR/AR and MEMS sensor technology to bring the sound and color of the real world into the metaverse. Launched “Chips + Device + Module + System + Package + Algorithm” one-stop solution strategy. The latest VR/AR microphone array design enable directional capture sound signal as to achieve “seeing where listening where” with eyes tracking function; At the same time, Goermicro developed bone voiceprint sensor which collecting the vibration signals of vocal cords and jaws, providing an effective anti-wind noise solution for VR/AR equipment; Providing Intelligent microphone module for head display system ultra-low power solution; Providing One-way MEMS microphone technology makes device smaller and good acoustic experience; The world’s first IPX8 (2m, 30min) waterproof MEMS microphone is ideal for demanding application scenarios.

Goermicro devotes himself to the sound development of the Metaverse, and since then the Metaverse has had the voice of Goermicro.

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Goertek Microelectronics

GOERTEK MICROELECTRONICS INC. founded in 2021.Goermicro covers key links of industrial chain such as chip design, product packaging & testing, and system applications. Products include acoustic sensors based on MEMS technology, pressure sensors, smart sensors and microsystem modules, as well as MEMS chips, ASIC chips, intelligent voice processing chips, etc. It is widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and other fields, and is committed to becoming the world’s leading sensor and microsystem solution provider.

In the global MEMS company rankings in 2020, Goertek ranks 6th, and is the only Chinese company to enter the top 10, and has been ranked first in China for many years.

The company has applied for more than 2,000 patents in MEMS related fields, including more than 700 invention patents and more than 200 foreign patents.

Related projects won the first prize of Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and were selected as a demonstration enterprise of the sensor “one-stop” application plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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