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Qiao Chen

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Chen Qiao got PhD from the CNRS femto-st in France, So far, he has more than ten years of MEMS device development experience. He has been working in Wuxi WiO technology and Shanghai QST. As the inventor, he has applied for more than 80 patents & papers. He developed ultra small size MEMS mirror, ultra large displacement MEMS mirror, large mirror MEMS micro mirror and large mirror array. They are respectively applied to endoscope OCT imaging, Fourier transform spectrometer FTS and optical cross interconnection OXC. In 2019, he found Suzhou Chipsens Technologies Co.,Ltd was founded. The main product is PZT actuated MEMS micro mirror. in 3D perception, Lidar and other fields. He has won the leading talents of Suzhou Industrial Park and Suzhou leading talents.

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Challenges & Opportunities of MEMS Mirror technology

MEMS mirror is not a new device. MEMS mirrors have been used in the field of optical communication for 20 years . In addition, used in the laser projection, they can be applied to portable projectors or AR glasses. In this field, Microvision has made attempts and also launched some products, including launching micro projectors with Sony, launching googleglass with Google, and launching hololes with Microsoft 2, but they have not been widely used. At present, all efforts have been made to promote the application of LIDAR. So far, many companies have adopted MEMS mirrors as LIDAR solutions.There are great opportunities in the market. However, there are some technical difficulties, especially the need micro mirrors with large mirrors and large angles, as well as the reliability verification of vehicle specification level. At present, through everyone’s efforts, it is gradually being solved.

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Suzhou Chipsens Technologies Co.,Ltd

Suzhou Chipsens Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional MEMS design and service company. The company uses advanced MEMS technology to develop highly reliable industrial and automotive grade MEMS micro sensors and actuators for automotive, industrial Internet of Things, industrial automation, smart city and robotics applications, providing customers with first-class MEMS devices and system integration services. The company will be committed to solving the current domestic high-end MEMS sensors rely on imports.

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