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Chao Wang

  • AAC Technologies
  • R&D Director
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Graduated from Nanjing University, in charge of AAC RF MEMS products since 2015, R&D Director, over 30 authorized patents for invitation.

  • Presentation

How a MEMS Tuner improves 5G antenna performance revolutionarily

Cellphone antenna design faced great challenges from 5G requirement and full-screen & foldable screen ID trends. Antenna tuner becomes the key device for that challenge. MEMS tuner which takes full advantage of MEMS technology, has revolutionary improvement compared with SOI tuner in key parameters including insertion loss, isolation and power handling. MEMS Tuner provide a revolutionary solution to deal with the 5G antenna design challenge.

AAC Technologies
  • Company Profile

AAC Technologies

AAC Technologies (AAC) Founded in 1993 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK02018) in 2005. AAC is researching, developing and manufacturing leading edge solutions to enhance user experience of smart mobile devices. AAC’s product lines can be found in smartphones and portable electronic devices across the world. AAC is investing in research and manufacturing to power future smart devices, and bring optimized high performance of smartphone solutions to a wide range of connected devices. Through innovative, high performance and superior quality products, long-term relationships are established and maintained with our customers which includes some of China’s and the world’s leading smartphone markers, as well forming new relationships in other smart device markets including automotive.

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