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David Wang

  • MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
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Mr. Wang founded MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Company Ltd in 2011 and currently serves as its CEO. He graduated from Berkeley with a BS degree in EECS and Stanford University with a MS degree in IEEM. From 1984 to 2010, Mr. Wang served in various management roles including technical director, vice president and CEO at companies including AMD, Lucent, Pixim and Miradia.

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MEMS Sensors, the Next Opportunity for China’s Chip Industry

Abstract coming soon…

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MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovator and pioneer of MEMS sensor technology in China. MiraMEMS Sensing engages in the design, development and production of MEMS sensors and provides related technical services including drivers and algorithms to add values to its products. With its broad range of sensor products including accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, integrated modules, MiraMEMS offers complete solutions to domestic as well as international OEMs/ODMs in the field of consumer electronics, automotive, industrial applications. MiraMEMS operates from and has field offices in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Hischu Taiwan.

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