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Dr. David Haynes

  • Lam Research
  • Managing Director of Strategic Marketing in Lam’s Customer Support Business Group
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David gained a B.Eng and PhD in Materials Engineering from Swansea University. His PhD thesis was in the field of organic semiconductors for electronic and optoelectronic applications.

In his professional career, David has accrued more than 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor Capital Equipment and research instrumentation sectors with STS, SPTS and Oxford Instruments. Focused on new technology development, he has a strong process background in plasma etch and deposition for optoelectronics, photonics, MEMS, Power and RF Electronics, as well as advanced chip packaging technologies.

Building on this technical knowledge, David has a proven track record in developing strategic business partnerships; specialising in new technology developments and introduction of enabling process capabilities to leading semiconductor fabs worldwide.

David Joined Lam Research in June 2016 and is currently Managing Director of Strategic Marketing in Lam’s Customer Support Business Group.

  • Presentation

Enabling Fabrication Solutions for Advanced Piezoelectric MEMS

Capacitive MEMS technology has been enabling innovative functionality in electronic devices for over three decades. Huge advances in these technologies have continually delivered improved performance, but as the technology matures, the industry is looking for new opportunities to drive advances. MEMS solutions based on piezoelectric materials represent a potential technology inflection for MEMS. Of course, piezoelectric MEMS are not new. MEMS RF filters based upon AlN and AlScN films are some of the most successful MEMS devices deployed today. But even for these devices, as the level of Sc doping increases, so do the challenges in fabrication. Indeed, similar challenges are observed for MEMS devices based on other piezoelectric materials such as PZT. In this presentation, we will discuss these fabrication challenges and the work that Lam is doing to enable this exciting branch of MEMS technology.

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Lam Research

Lam Research Corporation is a global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry. Lam’s equipment and services allow customers to build smaller and better performing devices. In fact, today, nearly every advanced chip is built with Lam technology. We combine superior systems engineering, technology leadership, and a strong values-based culture, with an unwavering commitment to our customers. Lam Research (Nasdaq: LRCX) is a FORTUNE 500® company headquartered in Fremont, Calif., with operations around the globe. Learn more at

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