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Dr. Li Jin

  • United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC)
  • Project Manager
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Li Jin, Ph.D., graduated from Zhejiang University in 2015 and then joined the CETC 38. At the end of 2018, he transferred to the CUMEC and has more than 10 years of research experience in the field of silicon photonics. His research directions include coherent lidar, spectral detection, sensor, etc. He has obtained more than 10 patents and published more than 10 papers. In 2020, he won the “Hongyan Talent Plan” of Chongqing, and in 2021, he won the title of Outstanding Youth of CETC.

  • Presentation

The Research of Optical Phased Array based Silicon Photonics Technology

In recent years, with the rapid rise of unmanned driving and robotics, there is an urgent need for high-performance and low-cost spatial 3D sensing lidar. As a pure solid-state beam scanning scheme of lidar, optical phased array based on silicon photonics technology has been widely studied in the world. This report first introduces the latest important research progress at home and abroad; Then,the report introduces some progress in the field of CUMEC based on its own 8-inch characteristic process line since early 2019, including the functional verification of 1×128/256 one-dimensional optical phased array (OPA), the verification of optoelectronic microsystems in which OPA was integrated with tunable light sources, and the exploration of coherent ranging technology based on OPA chips. Finally, some thoughts on the challenges faced by OPA technology in the future are introduced.

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United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC)

United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC) was a collaborative innovation platform of microelectronics technology strongly supported by Chongqing government, incorporated in October, 2018 .

CUMEC is designed to establish the ability of independent innovation of new generation microelectronics core technology, on a developing path more than Moore, to build high-end and featured photoelectronic technology platform combining designing products and technics, and to be a world-leading and nation-excellent innovative center.

CUMEC’s layout is concentrating on the frontier of world science and technology, concentrating on national strategy, concentrating on main battlefield of national economy, arranging four technical center, namely silicon photonics, intelligent sensing, three-dimensional integration and AI chip and system, focusing on certain areas like 5G, data center, AI, information network etc. to develop technologies and products. Establish a safe and reliable IP data base, building an IP-reuse-based networked compositive product collaborative design platform.

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