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Dr. Yuan Lu

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Dr. Yuan Lu is Technical Marketing Manager at Evatec. He is responsible for the Business Unit Semiconductor market strategy technical solutions in China. Dr. Lu is obtaining rich experience on magnetron sputtering and material physics as a material scientist, especially 5G filters, 3rd Generation compound semiconductor power device and piezoelectric MEMS. As technical marketing manager at Evatec, he joined several projects together with customer on technical decisions and mass production optimization. These expertise helps Evatec offering best technical know-how and mass-production experience.

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Combine and Integrate – Advances in PVD for Piezoelectric Materials

To meet the requirement of piezo-MEMS for reaching higher stress and precision requirement, together with better electrical performance, the extreme limit has to be overcome by technical solution of high precision thin film growth. Evatec as a PVD solution provider, with the technical team with scientist and highly educated engineers, to cooperate with industrial customer to challenge the physical limit of plasma magnetron sputtering with new hardware and process.

The new platform CLN200E, with creative designed single process chamber, the higher precision, stress and electrical performance is already masted and the platform already is already introduced to global main players for mass production. Evatec wish to provide better device performance by our solution and shape the future.

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Evatec is a “Thin film Powerhouse”. As a global leader in thin film technology we design and manufacture production systems for industry, and our customized engineering solutions support the equipment needed at the worlds’ leading R&D institutions.

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