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Yan Huang

  • Senodia Technologies (SX) Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing Director
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Mr. Yan Huang has joined Senodia since 2009, and he has served successively as asic deputy director and automobile electronics deputy director, marketing director, responsible for business development, application algorithm development. Mr. Yan Huang possesses a master degree from Shan’Xi Institute of Microelectronics.

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Technology Trends and Applications of High-Performance IMU

MEMS IMU has been widely used in various consumer applications, such as smartphone, joystick, remote controller, etc. However, the performance of consumer-grade IMU is unable to meet the requirement of many emerging applications, like navigation, robot, virtual reality, auto pilot, etc. If one chooses to use industrial-grade high-performance IMU in these applications instead, the cost will be way out of budget. For example, the price of IMU with bias-instability lower than 1 d/h is usually several thousand dollars or even more. As you can imagine, if we develop high-performance IMU with consumer-grade’s cost, the advantage will be obvious, hence the application value and market opportunity will be tremendous. Actually, this goal is fairly achievable from technology point of view, if some optimization and breakthrough is made in the fields of design, process and algorithm. We believe low-cost high-performance IMU will be available in the near future, and it will also help to provoke many new applications, for example, pure IMU based compass.

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Senodia Technologies (SX) Co., Ltd.

Senodia Technologies (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2008 by Chairman Zou Bo, an expert of National Thousand Talents Program, which is the first company in China to develop and design consumer-grade and automotive-grade MEMS gyroscope series sensors, also the first to achieve mass production of six-axis IMU of inertial measurement unit and stable supply.

Senodia has been focused on the development and design of a new generation of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)-based gyroscope inertial sensors for 12 years, including single-axis, three-axis gyroscopes and six-axis IMU(inertial measurement unit), and has completely independent intellectual property rights.

Advanced MEMS technology and integrated technology of Senodia, based on the core MEMS gyroscope and HALL sensor products, and the inertial sensor series products developed are the core basic chips of the “artificial intelligence” and “intelligent manufacturing” industries, and have achieved “import substitution”. Mainly used in IoT applications, Smart Phones, Smart Home, AI, industrial and automotive fields. We provide customers with application solutions such as positioning and navigation, attitude and 9-axis fusion algorithms.

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