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Alex Visa

  • McLaren Applied
  • Senior Product Manager – High Performance Components
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Alex Visa is Senior Product Manager at McLaren Applied with extensive expertise in the automotive and gaming sectors. Alex joined the company in 2021. He is responsible for McLaren Applied’s high performance components (HPC) product portfolio.

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McLaren Applied: Supporting Electrification in Motorsports

  • How McLaren Applied’s HPC offering is supporting electrification in Motorsports
  • How McLaren Applied’s portfolio is transitioning away from ignition coils, injectors, exhaust gas sensors
  • How McLaren Applied’s products are focussing on torque measurement, position measurement, tpms, accelerometers
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McLaren Applied

Mounting pressure from governments and consumers for a sustainable future means that decarbonisation and electrification solutions are more in demand than ever before.

Spanning over a decade, McLaren Applied has a proven track record in engineering high-performance components that are accelerating the transition to electrification. In that time, we have excelled in providing specialist products with a power density that is second to none. But now, we are developing scalable electrification products for all mobility solutions.

Electrification will see high performance become the norm. For example, greater vehicle range relies on exceptional efficiency – the kind of efficiency that is achieved by the solutions we have developed in the innovation lab that is motorsport. We push the boundaries at the pinnacle and apply our technology for the mainstream, to provide you with highly optimised energy and power dense solutions which meet the highest functional safety standards.

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