MWS EU 2021 Speaker

Dr. Benjamin Mimoun Crowe

  • Sonion
  • Head of Microphone Development
  • Biography

Dr. Benjamin Mimoun is Head of Microphone Development at Sonion, responsible for the development of MEMS microphones and voice pick-up bone conduction sensors supporting both Hearing Health and Advanced Audio + markets. Benjamin joined Sonion in 2013 as product development engineer and is heading Sonion’s microphone department since January 2017. Benjamin holds an MSc degree in applied physics from the National Institute of Applied Sciences, Toulouse, France, and a PhD degree in MEMS technology from the Delft Institute of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.

  • Presentation

There is Plenty of Room in the Ear

The famous lecture of Richard Feynman “There is plenty of room at the bottom” first introduced the idea of technological miniaturization in 1959. Although our ear canals are definitely not growing, there is still plenty of room for audio devices to further develop and increase in complexity. After briefly reviewing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic onto the hearing instruments market and its expected level of recovery, we will deep dive into the drivers supporting the growth of ear-level audio solutions. We will then cover the implications of this increased demand from a technological perspective and how we can add more relevant functionality into the limited ear space by integrating and miniaturizing.

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Sonion was founded more than 40 years ago by Jørgen Weber Jensen and Jens-Jørn Stockholm in a small apartment in Roskilde, Denmark. After an exponential growth, several changes in ownership and three name changes, today Sonion is a growing force of more than 6000 committed employees working from sites in Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, USA, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The company is owned by the Danish holding Novo Group, Inc.

Company Product

Since 1974, Sonion’s components and solutions have contributed to improving the quality of life of the hearing impaired all over the world. From little children to elderly people who have spent decades in silence, we help over 40 million every year. We do this by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge audio components and providing complete solutions to our customers who then manufacture hearing aids, in-ear earphones and hearables/wearables.

Our comprehensive product portfolio is a culmination of our dedication to micro-miniaturization, improving performance and exceptional quality. From the initial concept to design and mass production, Sonion’s highest priority is to support our customers at every step of the way.

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