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Maurus Tschirky

  • Evatec
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Maurus Tschirky is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Evatec. He is globally responsible for the market segment MEMS in terms of strategy and strategic project and customer acquisition. His genuine interest in advanced functional materials with piezoelectric and magnetic properties emphasize his dedication to the MEMS and Sensors market in particular. Maurus had a number of positions in the PVD-equipment industry (Balzers, Unaxis, Oerlikon and now Evatec) ranging from Application Engineer, System Engineer, Project Manager to Product Manager over the years and also spent 3 years leading a research section at CSEM in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He has a first Degree in Control Electronics from the University of Applied Sciences in Buchs, followed by a Masters in Business Engineering / International Marketing from the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Combine and Integrate – Solutions for Heterogeneous Integration

Sensing or creating physical stimuli requires mastering specific advanced functional materials beyond electronics and logic. Interference coatings for various wavelengths, minimised coercivity in magnetics, sensing, emitting or filtering sound or RF-waves using piezoelectrics are just some examples. Such solutions require know how in a full range of technologies such as PVD, PECVD and PEALD. Evatec is able to use its 70 years of experience and long-standing partnerships with industrial and research institutions to support the development of tailored solutions for each customer. This approach will be illustrated through advances in PVD solutions for piezoelectrics.

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Evatec delivers complete thin film deposition solutions in Advanced Packaging, Semiconductor, Optoelectronics and Photonics – from UBM /RDL processes in FOWLP and FOPLP applications, to deposition of high performance piezoelectrics like AlScN for 5G networks or NIR bandpass filters for 3D sensing, face and gesture recognition in our smart devices. We deliver tailored production solutions with batch, cluster or inline architecture according to your substrate format, throughput, process and fab integration requirements. Evatec’s Advanced Process Control (APC) technologies set new standards in deposition through ‘in situ” capability for control of film properties during the deposition cycle. Reduce your process development times, enhance repeatability and yields or increase tool throughput.

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