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Dr. Ulrich Peuchert

  • Schott AG
  • Global Product Management & Business Development – Special Flat Glass & Wafer
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Ulrich Peuchert got his Diploma degree on Mineralogy and Material Science from University of Munich, Germany. Ulrich’s received his Phd from University of Cologne on Stuctural and Physical Investigations of Single-Crystalline matters.

Since 1998 Ulrich Peuchert has worked at SCHOTT AG in various functions primarily within Corporate R&D. Ulrich headed various material, product, technology as well as business related development projects and programs. Ulrich’s main focus has been on customer-driven identification and definition of new product opportunities and early-stage promotion to various industries such as energy storage, optics, display and medical. Currently Ulrich is working as Global Senior Product Manager and Business Developer within Strategic Business Field Specialty Flat Glass and Wafer with focus on FLEXINITY® Structured Glass for Semicon & Sensor industries.

  • Presentation

FLEXINITY® : Micro-Structured Glass for Advanced MEMS Packaging

Thanks to the ultra wide material and thickness portfolio, SCHOTT specialty thin glass and wafers have been successfully contributing to advanced chip- and wafer level packaging of optical, electro-optical and semicon devices for many years.

Besides their thin glass portfolio, SCHOTT’s microstructuring competencies provide borosilicate glass as essential packaging components for piezoresistive Si-MEMS pressure sensors. Provided in wafer format with thousands of ultra-high precision holes, FLEXINITY® structured glass offers both, highest performance and cost effective production of first-level packaged pressure sensor dies.

Contributing to the miniaturization of pressure sensors, MEMpax® glass substrates can be directly drawn into thicknesses down to 100µm. Having the same chemical composition as BOROFLOAT®33, MEMpax® can be anodically bonded to Silicon forming almost undestructable and hermetic bonds.

Attendees will leave the session with basic knowledge and recent progress of further development on FLEXINITY® structured glass made from BOROFLOAT®33 and MEMpax®.

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Schott AG

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the home appliance, pharma, electronics, optics, life sciences, automotive and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The parent company, SCHOTT AG, has its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) and is solely owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.SCHOTT AG, Hattenbergstr. 10, 55130 Mainz, Germany

Phone: +49-6131-66-0

Company product and service Information:

SCHOTT, inventor of specialty glass and optical technology pioneer, continuously widens its structured glass wafer and sheet portfolio FLEXINITY®. Innovations in diverse application fields are pushing the demands for structured glass wafers, each with unique challenges and material requirements. Also, the trend of miniaturization and the need of higher precision continue to drive growth in advanced manufacturing of electronic components. To fulfill this market demands FLEXINITY® provides the highest precision with tight tolerances, widest range of thickness and width, up to ultra-wide diameters. Diverse glass types and strong glass structuring competency allow tailored solutions for applications in a various sectors, such as semicon & sensing, pressure sensor, camera imaging, optoelectronic and RF/IC packaging, biotechnology & diagnostics and sustainable energy. With new production line in Penang, Malaysia, SCHOTT FLEXINITY® offers full partnership from product design and development to mass production.

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