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2022 世界微机电系统中国峰会讲师


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Yuanli Sun received her M.S. degree in Industrial Management from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) in July 2012. She joined SPEA during her last academic year as a semiconductor testing equipment application engineer. She rapidly achieved being responsible for application development projects for IC, Power and MEMs devices,technical expertise that involve data modeling and analysis, C/C++ program languages, also, she participated in the design of extremely accurate measurement modules that are widely used in MEMS wafer testing.

With such a strong and well prepared background, in 2014, Yuanli establishes a wholly owned subsidiary of SPEA in China, where she’s responsible in full for SPEA’s business development and after-sales service in China. Riding the wave of success, Yuanli establishes more offices in Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Chongqing to enhance the popularity and reputation of SPEA in China.

Today, as General Manager of SPEA China, her group has worked directly with SPEA’s customers to develop state-of-the-art technology for testing high volume Power Modules, MEMS test cell, wafer level tester high parallelism solutions.

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MEMS Test Equipment Standardization: New Opportunities (especially) for OSATs

More than half of MEMS packaging today is done by OSATs, and OSATs’ market share is expected to continue growing in the next years. The same trend could follow in MEMS testing, which can represent between 30-90% of final component price, depending on the end application. Although, test equipment for MEMS is strongly application-dependent and scarcely reusable for different devices. This aspect has acted as a break for OSATs in expanding their MEMS testing business. The availability of standard testers and test handlers, based on a common structure and able to incorporate modular and interchangeable test units for different device families, is opening new scenarios for both OSATs and IDMs. We explored these new opportunities, focusing on the advantages – in terms of cost of test, performance and ROI – experienced by major OSATs that are opening this path to growth. Specific application case studies will be presented, dedicated to inertial, pressure, and magnetic sensor testing.

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Established in 1976, SPEA is a world leading company in the field of automatic test equipment for ICs, MEMS, sensors, electronic boards. SPEA serves the big semiconductor IDMs and OSATs with the most cost-effective and high-performance equipment to test automotive, SoCs, analog mixed-signal devices, MEMS sensors and actuators, power and discretes, identification devices, delivering highest measurement capabilities, lowest cost of test and fastest time-to-market. SPEA systems are designed to detect any possible defect in electronic products, so that they won’t fail on the field. High throughput, best detection capability, test techniques designed on the latest technologies requirements, complete configurability. For SPEA customers, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.