Zhu Yao photo

Dr. Zhu Yao

Deputy Head – Sensors, Actuators & Microsystems Department – Institute of Microelectronics (IME)

A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), Singapore

Ari Kuukkala photo

Ari Kuukkala

General Manager

AEM Afore Oy

AEM logo
Pat Walsh photo

Pat Walsh

Managing Director


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Stefan Martens photo

Stefan Martens

Senior Director, MEMS and Sensor Products


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José Silva photo

José Silva

VP of Operations & R&D Amkor Portugal


Amkor logo
Gopal Prabhu photo

Gopal Prabhu

Senior Director of Technology Programs

Applied Materials

Applied Materials logo
Tristan Rousselle photo

Tristan Rousselle

Founder & Deputy CEO


aryballe logo
Ando Feyh photo

Dr. Ando Feyh

MEMS Strategy Management, New Business and M&A


Thomas Block has over 15 years of experience working in Product Management. He received his PhD in Solid State Chemistry from University of Mainz, Germany and Diploma in Chemistry from Duisburg University, Germany. After his PhD he worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at the IBM Research Center in San Jose, USA, for Hitachi. Before joining Bosch Sensortec as Senior Product Manager for magnetic and environmental sensors (pressure, temperature, humidity, gas), he has held various Product and Project Management positions within the Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry in companies like Bosch, Schott and Heraeus.
Nigel Beddoe photo

Nigel Beddoe

Director Product Marketing Management

Cohu, Inc

cohu logo
Michele Palmieri photo

Michele Palmieri

VP Micro & Nano Systems Division


CSEM logo
Lucilla Sioli photo

Lucilla Sioli

Director Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry

European Commission

European Commision logo
Samira Nik photo

Samira Nik

Programme Manager – Quantum Technologies and Electronics

European Innovation Council and SMEs Agency (EC EISMEA)

European Innovation Council logo
Maurus Tschirky photo

Maurus Tschirky

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Evatec AG

Dr. Andrea De Luca photo

Dr. Andrea De Luca

CEO & Co-Founder


Flusso logo
Thomas Zarbock photo

Thomas Zarbock

Division Director – MEMS Engineering, Manufacturing & Test

Fraunhofer IPMS

Fraunhofer IPMS logo
Véronique Rochus photo

Dr. Véronique Rochus

Principal Scientist, Multi-Physics Microsystems Developments


Imec logo
Laurent Remont photo

Laurent Remont

VP Sensor Systems

Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon logo
John S. McKillop, Ph.D. photo

John S. McKillop, Ph.D.

Senior Director Sensor Technology


NXP logo
Wei Zhao photo

Dr. Wei Zhao

Strategic Marketing Director

Onto Innovation

onto innovation logo
Dr. Stephan Marauska photo

Dr. Stephan Marauska



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Corrado Rocca photo

Corrado Rocca

R&D Head, Cyber Unit


Pirelli logo
Mohssen Moridi photo

Dr. Mohssen Moridi

Head of Research Division Microsystems


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Steve Stoffels photo

Dr. Steve Stoffels


Pulsify Medical

Pulsify logo
Mustafa Badaroglu

Dr. Mustafa Badaroglu

Principal Engineer/Architect (& IRDS More Moore Global Chair)


Qualcomm logo
Paul P

Paul Pickering

Managing Director

Silicon Catalyst

Silicon Catalyst logo
Ingolf Leidert logo

Ingolf Leidert

Product Manager Device Testing


SPEKTRA logo - Ready for TESTelligence!
Farrokh Ayazi photo

Farrokh Ayazi

Founder & CEO

StethX Microsystems

StethX Microsystems logo
Valentina Baiardo photo

Valentina Baiardo

MEMS Sub-Group Director


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Andrea Onetti photo

Andrea Onetti

EVP, MEMS Sub-Group – Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group


STMicroelectronics logo
Anton Hofmeister photo

Anton Hofmeister

Group VP & General Manager R&D and Strategy for the Analog and MEMS Sub-Groups


STMicroelectronics logo
Jeffrey Krotosky photo

Jeffrey Krotosky

CTO & Director of New Product Introduction for TDK-Tronics


TDK logo
Collin Twanow photo

Collin Twanow

Director Technology


Teledyne logo
Koukou Suu photo

Dr. Koukou Suu

Executive Officer and Senior Fellow of ULVAC, Inc / President and CEO of ULVAC Technologies, Inc


ULVAC logo
Andrea Rusconi photo

Andrea Rusconi

Co-founder & CTO


Usound logo
Matthew Crowley photo

Matthew Crowley

President and CEO

Vesper Technologies

Vesper Technologies logo
Eliot Zhu photo




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Dimitrios Damianos photo

Dimitrios Damianos

Senior Technology & Market Analyst

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

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