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2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师

Anton Hofmeister

  • STMicroelectronics
  • Group VP & General Manager R&D and Strategy for the Analog and MEMS Sub-Groups
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Anton Hofmeister is Group Vice President and General Manager of R&D and Strategy for ST’s Analog and MEMS Sub-Groups and has held this position since December 2021. He has also served as Managing Director of ST’s German subsidiary since 2016.

Hofmeister joined Thomson Semiconductors (a predecessor company to STMicroelectronics) as a marketing engineer in 1986. He subsequently held management positions in product marketing, key account management, and corporate strategic marketing. In 1997, Hofmeister was appointed Director of a System R&D team in San Diego, USA, and became Director of the Print Head Business Unit in 2000. In 2005, he was appointed General Manager of the Microfluidics Division and has broadened his responsibility with the MEMS Microactuator Division in 2015, managing ST’s Fluidic MEMS products and MEMS components used in a variety of applications in Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, and Printing markets.

Hofmeister has previously served as a board member of the Singapore-based Molecular Diagnostics company Veredus Laboratories. In August 2021 he joined the Governing Council of the MEMS&Sensor Industry Group (MSIG) at SEMI.

Anton Hofmeister was born in Munich in 1961 and he graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Munich.

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World-first 200mm “Lab-in-Fab” at ST Singapore accelerates the development of Piezo MEMS

Co-presenting with Zhu Yao (IME)

STMicroelectronics and The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) are working in close collaboration and have created a 200mm Piezo MEMS R&D line within ST’s production facilities in Singapore.

Leveraging both partners’ MEMS R&D capabilities and ST’s excellence in MEMS manufacturing, the “Lab-in-Fab” initiative provides state-of-the-art Piezo process modules to support customers in their MEMS prototyping and to help them make the transition to high-volume manufacturing.

The partnership has paved the way to exciting possibilities thanks to disruptive Piezo MEMS technologies, enabling innovations in emerging applications like smart glasses, AR headsets, LiDAR systems, wearables, and portable healthcare devices.

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2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师