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2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师

Dr. Koukou Suu

  • Executive Officer and Senior Fellow of ULVAC, Inc / President and CEO of ULVAC Technologies, Inc
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Dr. Koukou Suu is Executive Officer and Senior Fellow of ULVAC, Inc., and also President and CEO of ULVAC Technologies, Inc. since 2019. He was the General Manager of Global Market and Technology Strategy Division from 2014 to 2019. Prior to this, He served as the General Manager of Institute of Semiconductor and Electronics Technologies from 2008 to 2014. At the Institute of Semiconductor and Electronics Technologies, he worked on Ferroelectric MEMS technologies, emerging non-volatile memories, high-K capacitors, LED, power devices, thin-film Li-battery as well as 3D packaging manufacturing technologies.

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ULVAC Piezo-MEMS Solution Technology

Piezoelectric thin films have been integrated with advanced silicon-based microfabrication methods in the formation of both sensors and actuators such as gyro/acceleration sensor, microphone, piezoelectric micro-machined ultrasonic transducer (pMUT), micro-actuator and Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR). These films have become recognized as key enabling technologies for “Smartphones”, “Wearable devices” and “Autonomous car” which are becoming one of the most important parts of the “Smart infrastructure” of a modern “Smart Society”. ULVAC will introduce the newly developed mass production technology for Piezo-MEMS.

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ULVAC GmbH which was established in 1987 as the European subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc. headquartered in Munich, Germany. ULVAC’s solutions diversely incorporate equipment, materials, and services for Semiconductors, MEMS, Flat Panel Displays, Electronic Components, PCB, TFB, and other Vacuum Equipment for the European Markets.

ULVAC is the global leader for thin film PZT deposition and etch.

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ULVAC Product Information

For MEMS application ULVAC has developed systems dedicated to MEMS sensors, actuators, switches, lab-on-chip and micromirror manufacturing. This equipment range includes sputtering and etching for piezo electric materials like PZT, AlN and ScAlN, glass and metal etching, thick resist ashing, resist and polymer removal within trench structures, and others.

Piezoelectric materials can be used to further miniaturize a range of devices, including inertial sensors, tuneable RF devices, inkjet print heads, micromirrors, microphones, autofocus lenses and others. The integration of thin film deposition directly on CMOS-processed wafers is key for highly-integrated devices. ULVAC has developed high-volume processing sputtering method that allows sub 500°C processing temperatures, is configured to pole the piezoelectric crystals during the deposition process and is compatible with other CMOS processes.

2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师