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2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师

Pat Walsh

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  • Managing Director
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Pat Walsh is a veteran in the semiconductor industry with at least 38 years of experience and currently serves as Managing Director of AMEC handling North America and Europe region. He started his career as a Process Engineer making DRAM chips before switching to GaAs manufacturing as a Member of Technical Staff for defense and aerospace applications. Moving on, he transitioned to work in Semiconductor equipment manufacturing companies like Applied Materials and Lam Research where he progressed from engineering to sales and subsequently executive management. Prior to joining AMEC, Pat was working in a large investment bank managing leasing and financing of semiconductor equipment for clients.

  • 演讲内容
Introduction of AMEC Company and Products

An introduction of AMEC to the major mems manufacturers in Europe focusing on strong company growth and showing AMEC as an international company. Also included is an explanation of the AMEC Primo 300MM product line as well as announcement of the new AMEC Primo 200MM product line covering CCP, ICP and TSV etch applications.

The AMEC TSV product is highlighted with some details on the key process differentiators which provides excellent control on sidewall roughness, profile tuning and depth uniformity control on MEMS devices .

Finally, the AMEC achievement regarding ranking among top performers in the 2021 VLSI Customer Satisfaction survey will be noted.

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Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China (AMEC, stock code: 688012) is a global micro-fabrication equipment company serving manufacturing leaders in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors.

Our Etch and MOCVD systems are used to build the world’s most advanced technology: tiny nano-scale devices that provide intelligence and memory for the products that drive continuous innovation, improve our lives, and sustain our planet.

We’re headquartered in Asia, the world’s manufacturing innovation hub, which puts us at the center of a dynamic supply chain that enables the economic efficiencies we provide for our customers.

Thanks to the expertise and commitment of our global employees, our company is a trusted supplier to leading chipmakers and other global technology innovators.

2022 世界微机电系统欧洲峰会讲师